TYBR - Boise, ID

Here yee here yee, come one come all. Take a break from the exhausting negativity we're surrounded by, to stand in peace love gratitude and unity. This is a time to be thankful for the many beautiful blessings life graces us with. Most importantly it is time to give thanks to the most powerful blessing, that is also typically the last thing thought of. Our bodies! Our bodies perform many miracles that we often look past in the day to day routine. They wake us up everyday, our eyes allow us to see the vast array of colors in the sunrise. Our noses allow us to smell the soothing air after a replenishing rainstorm. Our bodies and the many organisms that make up our internal and external features allow us to move, and feel, and love. It works like a machine pushing boundaries as we test ourself in the vastness of life.
Come join us at Esther Simplot White water park as weswe it down and give thanks, and honor our bodies for what they do for us.
Come connect, as you hear testimony of others sharing what their bodies have been through and still push strong.
Come connect with healers that dedicate their lives to help guide you to a path of wholeness, oneness within mind body and soul.
Come dance and let your inner child out to play and experience freedom and life within your body.
This is for everyone of all ages and walks of life to take a break and shine in the basking light of love.

Parking will be the main parking lot at quins pond and enjoy a nice stroll down the greenbelt to join in the celebration.


October 16, 2020 at 5pm - 7pm


Bernadine Quinn Riverside park
Boise , ID 83702
United States
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Jennifer Whittaker ·


Courtney Bailey Leslie Taylor Quinton Gaskins Megan Davis Loren Russon Valerie Christensen Brenda Hurst

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    Thank you everyone that has rsvpd so far, I look forward to meeting all of you beautiful souls. Here’s a quick update on the parking and event. We will have yoga, guided meditation, guided self massage.
    The quins pond over flow parking lot is now open to the public. You can either park in the main parking lot and head south east towards to river down the greenbelt, or if you go down main that gated parking lot just before the connector (just feet before the chinden exit) to the right is the entrance to the parking. The even will be in the grassy area right by that lot. If anyone has any issues finding it feel free to email or call me (208-703-6148) and I’ll get you going the right direction. We also have an event setup on Facebook, you can search in Facebook events to find it. I will be posting pictures of what to look for to find the parking easily. Only a couple more days.
    We will ha e chairs and blankets, feel free to bring your own to sit in. The weather is looking like it will be a little chilly but sunny.
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