TYBR - Mönchsberg, Austria

Treffen um 1.00 UHR mittags auf der Stadtalm und je nach Wetterlage spazieren um den Mönchsberg, Austausch, Gespräche, Yoga, Gesang, Musik (was immer jeder anbieten kann und das Wetter mitspielt!bitte um email jederzeit! THANK YOU BODY!THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!THANK YOU ALL OF CREATION! THANK YOU FELLOW MENSCHEN!!

Alles Liebe Gute und Schöne!





October 16, 2020 at 1pm - 4pm


Am wunderschönen Mönchsber inmitten Salzburg!
Stadtalm am Mönchsberg (davor!)
Salzburg, Österreich A-5020
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Petra Trudi Stetina ·

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    commented on TYBR - Mönchsberg, Austria 2020-10-15 12:54:31 -0400
    Aloha Ahoi Welcome!!!!
    We believe that:
    Anything can be healed
    Symptoms are meaningful messages to me, from me, about me
    I am in charge of my health
    The human body is powerful in unquantifiable ways
    I love my body
    I trust my body
    Healing our past can set us free to live more fully
    My soul expresses through my body
    Nature is me and I am nature
    Microbes are helpers
    Food, community, and movement are my medicine
    Health is self-discovery
    I am empowered
    My body is safe

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